About Us

Welcome! For a long time I dreamed of owning a boutique having worked with my aunt who owned one of the most prominent boutiques in Columbus, Georgia. I grew to love and have a passion for this industry! I loved seeing all the fabrics and the stories behind finding all of the perfect pieces for each season. She taught me to have a keen eye for pieces that will make you stand out! I also have been honored to work with some of the most fashionable and knowledgeable women in this field right here in Houston too! They taught me so much about people and helping women find just the right fit for all women. I hope I can take what I learned from all these amazing women and create my own space and take on fashion. I have learned that I don't want to be like everyone else! I want to bring back that special moment of boutique shopping where you know you will find something new and unique. I want you to find items that you will love! I hope to bring my southern flare to my hometown of Tomball, Texas and to all the people follow me on Social. So join me and let me help you find your perfect outfit! 

Building this future for my precious family. My wonderful husband Justin and my two darling girls Carlee and Lyla. 

Happy Shopping,

Natalie Kirtley